Our team

The iCatCare team works out of a converted barn in the village of Tisbury in Wiltshire, UK. Being a small team, our jobs often overlap and we all 'muck in' when needed!

Claire Bessant, Chief Executive
Claire has been Chief Executive of the charity for over 20 years, and in that time she has led International Cat Care into new and exciting areas of cat care. Under her leadership we now work with individuals and cat-focused groups on every continent (bar Antarctica) to improve the health and lives of both owned and unowned cats.

Ginette Bryant, Business Director
Ginette oversees and develops the charity's corporate relationships.

Tracy Sullivan, Office & HR Manager
Tracy heads up the office, keeping us all on track. She is responsible for contracts, health and safety and human resources. 

Fundraising Department

Shelley Gregory-Jones, Development Director
Shelley is heading up our fundraising, and developing our supporter base.

Veterinary Department

Sarah Endersby, Veterinary Development Manager 
Sarah is responsible for developing our ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic programme and contributes to the charity's veterinary educational content.

Behaviour Department

Sarah Ellis, Feline Behaviour Specialist
Sarah is a leading feline behaviour expert and writes, develops and oversees our feline behaviour content. 

Distance Education Department

Ceri Hitchings, Distance Education Manager
Ceri oversees the distance education courses and is responsible for the development of our online learning platform, Brightspaces.

Sarah Collins, Distance Education Course Organiser (Nursing)
Sarah runs our online nurse courses including liaising with students and tutors as well as creating and updating courses and assisting with course development.

Elizabeth Waring, Behaviour Distance Education Organiser (Behaviour)
Elizabeth runs our online behaviour courses including liaising with students and tutors as well as creating and updating courses and assisting with course development.

Jane Bridge, Distance Education Administrator
Jane coordinates our nursing and behaviour courses and deals with many of the enquiries that come into the office.

Veterinary Publications Department

Margaret Melling, Veterinary Publications Manager
Margaret produces the popular clinical version of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery and oversees the charity’s veterinary publications.

Abi Tansley, Assistant Editor
Abi edits the charity's publications, including the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, and contributes towards ISFM's social media.

Digital Communications Department

Jo Vuckovic, Digital Communications Manager
Jo oversees and develops our website and e-communications. She also heads up our PR activities and designs many of the charity’s publications and communication materials.

Eve Davies, Digital Communications Officer
Eve manages iCatCare's social media accounts, together with the production of our charity newsletters. She also produces many of our publications and website content.

Conferences Department

Nikki Jones, Conference & Events Manager
Nikki manages the charity’s conferences and events that are run for cat lovers and members of the veterinary profession, including our hugely successful ISFM Feline Congresses.

Membership Department

Adam Silk, Membership Manager
Adam heads up our membership team and developing our membership database platform.

Rebecca Hind, Membership and Database Assistant
Becks heads up our group memberships and assists with database management.

Sophie Rawding, Membership and Database Assistant
Sophie updates membership subscriptions and helps maintain the database.

Becky Jones, Membership Assistant
Becky manages day-to-day queries and despatching membership documents.


Accounts Department

Emma Alcock, Finance Manager
Emma heads up the accounts department helping us to keep on track with our finances.

Mark Bray, Accounts Assistant
Mark assists with accounts administration.