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Today, cats will grab even more attention on the internet

08th August 2020

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Today, cats will grab even more attention on the internet

Get ready for cats to take over our screens today, Saturday (8 August) for International Cat Day. Who hasn’t enjoyed a video, photo, GIF or cat meme? There’s something about cats that continues to fascinate humans in the virtual and real world. They are a paradox: curious but indifferent, independent and yet often sociable.

Cats are now poised to become the world’s most popular pet. During 2020 millions of us have turned to cats for companionship and to bring a smile to our faces during this turbulent year. But as we enjoy their effortless domination of our screens, should we not spare a thought for the cats themselves?

International Cat Day 2020 is all about giving cats yet more attention – but making sure it’s the right kind. The kind that makes a Happy Cat.

Cats are complex creatures, which is perhaps why they’re so captivating and leave us guessing. That purr, that meow, that stretch or flick of the tail – what do they really mean? So, while we know what makes us happy, it’s less well understood how we make that feeling mutual.

By sharing expert knowledge International Cat Day will help answer these questions and reveal the secrets of cat contentment, enabling us humans to become better feline companions.

Become part of the #HappyCat movement for #InternationalCatDay

Join cat lovers from around the world and become part of the #HappyCat movement today. Start by visiting to check out the event programme and explore ways to get involved. Discover how cat friendly you really are by taking the Happy Cat Pledge – a commitment to consider a cat’s complete range of needs – some widely known, others less so.

And no celebration of cats would be complete without an excuse to share cute pictures on social media, so join the Happy Cat Challenge using the hashtags #InternationaCatDay #HappyCat.

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