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International Cat Day 2023

International Cat Day takes place on 8 August every year.

As custodians of this important day, we’re encouraging cat owners to take five minutes a day to play with their cats to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing.

Just like dogs need walking every day, cats need daily play to keep them active and happy. Wand toy play provides cats with a safe outlet to perform natural behaviours and has many benefits.

Scroll down to discover more about Purrfect Play with your cat!

International Cat Day domino the cat playing with a wand toy

To learn more, check out our expert resources on this page and follow the campaign on social media @icatcare from 1 August.

All cats love to play

Cats of all ages love to play – from kittens to super seniors! Just like dogs, cats need daily physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy.  

Purrfect Play Every Day

Take five minutes a day to play with your cats to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing. Find out how here! (Your cat will thank you!)

Purrfect play for the whole family

Top tips to make sure everyone, from cats to kids, has a fun and safe time playing together!

Purrfect play with senior cats

Should we be encouraging our older cats to play every day?The answer is yes! But we need to make sure we take their unique needs into account.

Why is playing with my cat so important?

Learn more about how play can benefit your cat’s physical and mental wellbeing in our latest article for Your Cat magazine! Read it now here.

Download this fantastic FREE poster created by International Cat Care Feline Wellbeing Panel member Dr Mikel Delgado and illustrated by Lili Chin (creator of our ambassador cats Domino and McTatters), which shares her tops tips for cat play!

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Resource Library

Read more about cat play from the iCatCare experts!

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Cat Friendly Play

Download infographic

Follow the Campaign
from 1st August 2023

To find our Cat Friendly Resources from International Cat Day 2022, click here.



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