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If, like us, you care deeply about cats, then you know there is a great deal to be done to improve the way they are treated around the world. There is too much cruelty, suffering and neglect, but you can make a huge difference – not just to the lives of a handful of cats today, but to millions of cats now and in the future.

A Legacy to International Cat Care will help make that difference.

How we help cats

International Cat Care is a different kind of cat charity. Everything we do is founded on the belief that the more we understand about cats, the better we can help them. As one of the most respected cat charities in the world, we’re using our knowledge and expertise to build a brighter future for millions of owned and unowned cats globally. Here are just some examples of the positive change we’ve already created:

  • our team has trained thousands of vets, vet nurses, welfare volunteers and others to deliver higher quality cat care
  • we’ve accredited over 1000 Cat Friendly Clinics around the world and they are setting new standards for feline veterinary care
  • we’ve helped millions of owners to understand and give better care to their cats through our website advice, events, education and publications

How your Legacy will help cats

Your Legacy will support activities that are saving lives, reducing suffering and improving the quality of life for more cats. For example:

  • Campaigns – we’re tackling ignorance and cruelty by taking on issues such as ‘designer cat’ health, cat safety risks and the plight of street cats around the world
  • Innovations – working with international partners to find effective, humane contraception products with the potential to transform population management and the lives of street cats
  • Training – creating top quality distance learning, webinars, online forum, journal and conferences for the veterinary sector, owners and others working with cats
  • Advice – delivering accurate, up to date information via our website, webinars, magazine, press packs and publications
  • Standards – setting standards for boarding catteries, accrediting Cat Friendly Clinics, generating guidelines and promoting the adoption of good cat care around the world
  • Knowledge – sharing information on new areas of feline health, safety, behaviour and nutrition to increase our understanding of cats
  • Collaboration – many of our projects collaborate with other organisations or groups. Our International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats emphasises this need because better care for cats often relies on more than one provider

Our expertise helps you to build stronger relationships with your own cat too. That’s why we know that iCatCare is a charity your cat would want you to support!

Further information

For more information on how your Legacy will help us help cats download our Legacy Leaflet

We have also prepared a Guide to Wills and Legacies. Hopefully, this will answer any questions you may have, however, if you do have any queries or wish to talk things over with us, please email [email protected]

iCatCare Legacy Leaflet

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