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Recognising the leaders in feline health, welfare and wellbeing

Each year, International Cat Care, alongside its veterinary division the International Society of Feline Medicine, is proud to be involved in the presentation of several important awards:

Easy to Give Awards

Our Easy to Give Awards have been replaced by the Easy to GiveTM ISFM Approved Licensing Scheme

Giving medicines and treatments to cats can be very stressful for them, their owners and even for vets. In 2005, the International Society of Feline Medicine began a campaign to encourage pharmaceutical companies who produced medicines for cats to consider the ease with which owners could use them. The Easy to Give awards were presented to companies which have produced smaller tablets, less frequent treatments, palatable tablets and liquids, spot-on treatments instead of sprays, and other innovations which make life easier for owners and ensure that cats get the medication they need.

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Cat Friendly Awards

Our Cat Friendly Product Awards process is under review and we are not currently accepting applications.

The Cat Friendly Awards were established by International Cat Care in 2013 t0 recognise other cat friendly products which make a real difference to cat wellbeing and welfare. These are different to the Easy to Give awards which are limited to prescription only medicine (POMs) or methods of delivering POMs.

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Ceva Welfare Award

Each year International Cat Care is proud to be part of the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards. As part of this, International Cat Care presents its own award – the International Cat Care Cat Welfare Award. This award recognises someone who is working on all levels, from hands-on welfare to collaborative work with governments and non-government organisations, to try and bring a cohesive approach to cat welfare.

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