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Helping the people who help unowned cats

There are millions of unowned cats worldwide and many, many committed and motivated people trying to help them. International Cat Care’s new programme (currently entitled Cat Friendly Solutions for Unowned Cats) aims to help to understand the needs of unowned cats. All cats are not the same, nor do they require the same outcome or approach. The materials incorporate information on cat behaviour and understanding of the different types of cat and their ability/desire to live in close proximity to people. They have been developed taking into account that we need to change the way we consider cats for both cat and human welfare, and of course, cat health. We are incorporating the latest research and, working with behaviour and ethics experts, aim to provide clear and new insights into cat behaviour which point to more suitable, practical and humane solutions for the variety of cats people have to work with (ranging from TNR to finding human homes).

Understanding cats better and having a variety of solutions to suit their individual needs can bring satisfaction and confidence to finding a successful solution for each cat.

Cat Friendly Homing

One of the main parts of the project is called Cat Friendly Homing. It is a clear process for dealing with those cats which are able to find new homes and live with people. The aim is to help to recognise these homeable cats as well as other cats which would be highly stressed by such a solution (and to be creative in finding alternative lifestyles for them). It is also to reduce stress, increase successful homing and be able to help many more cats, giving satisfaction and confidence in making timely decisions for the best welfare of individual cats.

Our programme will culminate in a free website content and an affordable distance education course (late 2020). The website will outline the big picture, looking at different types of cat and providing practical solutions for those in the field of cat welfare. We are developing these resources in response to calls for help from those working with unowned cats around the world.