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Hannah graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2016. After a short stint in mixed practice, she started working in small animal general practice while completing the University of Sydney’s DE Course in Feline Medicine. In 2022, Hannah successfully completed her feline memberships while working in as an Emergency and Critical Care veterinarian in a busy referral hospital in Melbourne.

Hannah has a passion for diagnosing and treating FIP, senior cat management, juggling comorbities and also a passion for feline intensive care. Her favourite diseases to manage in the ICU are hepatic lipidosis, refeeding syndrome and hypocalcaemia. After working night shift as an ECC vet for the last few years she has recently moved back to working in general practice, missing the long term client & patient relationships. Hannah lives with her four cats – Crumble, Walnut, Pickle and Graham, and her husband.

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