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Producing the content for Cat Friendly Solutions for Unowned Cats has required a great deal of collaboration and help from a huge number of individuals and organisations. We are most grateful for all the wonderful advice, resources and photos we received from the people and organisations below. If we have inadvertently missed you in this list, do let us know.

  • Zoe Belshaw
  • Joyce Briggs
  • Marnie Buckland
  • Sarah Caney
  • Kevin Cope
  • Agnes Defau
  • Ana Duarte Pereira
  • Harry Eckman
  • Sarah Ellis
  • Lauren Finka
  • Sue Guilbert
  • Jane Harrup
  • Sue Hartley
  • Elly Hiby
  • Karen Hiestand
  • Kim Horsford
  • Juliette Jones
  • Christina Lines
  • Miranda Luck
  • Tara Luxford
  • Ian MacFarlaine
  • Evy Mayes
  • Sue Meaker
  • Peter Neville
  • Ashen Oleander
  • Christian Pace
  • Maria Pinto Teixiera
  • Lindsey Quinlan
  • Suzanne Rogers
  • Els Scholten
  • Andy Sparkes
  • Jenny Stavisky
  • Elizabeth Waring
  • Jo White
  • Caroline Yates
  • James Yeates

Thank you also to organisations providing links, content or photos:


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