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The aim is to return the cats to site as quickly as possible after surgery.

  • Males and flank spay females should be returned on the morning following surgery
  • Extended midline spays, cats with pyometra and pregnant spays should wait until late the following day or until the second morning
  • You may need to reassure carers that releasing cats so soon after surgery is the right thing to do
  • Cats should be released into exactly the same place as they were trapped
  • Avoid severe weather; if you have any concerns then discuss them with your veterinarian as anaesthesia can impact on a cat’s ability to regulate its body temperature
  • Put food down at the usual site – you can do this yourself or ask the carers to meet you so that they can do it. The cats may not eat straight away but will come back later when people have gone. Sometimes they do not reappear for a day to two if people are present – warn the carers that this may be the case so that they do not worry.


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