Developing feline welfare and veterinary care in Sudan


Working with African Centre for Veterinary Consulting (ACVC)

February 2013

International Cat Care have been back in Khartoum, Sudan, running a neutering surgery and TNR (trap/neuter/release) workshop in collaboration with the ACVC Sudan charity, the Sudan University of Science and Technology, Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Ministry of Animal Resources.


It is vital that our projects are properly equipped for the welfare of cats and people, so the preparation work in advance is essential; we had equipment made locally and also transported with our team.

Teaching trapping in the field provides essential hands-on training for volunteers. It is crucial that cats are trapped correctly – for the health of the cat and that of the volunteer, so our equipment included squeeze cages, traps and other handling materials.

Teaching trapping in the field at Khartoum Airport

One of our volunteers takes the opportunity to sit while working the manual trap – nicer for the volunteer and less threatening for the cat.

The cats trapped during this part of the training are neutered as part of the surgical part of the workshop.

Neutering workshop

Getting neutering right is vital for the health of the cat. International Cat Care teaches how to prepare a sterile environment and correct neutering procedure.

The International Cat Care vet demonstrates correct neutering procedures

November 2012

The iCatCare team were invited to Khartoum in Sudan in November as part of a long-term project to advise government and veterinary groups hoping to develop a better cat welfare infrastructure in the country. During the visit the iCatCare team was able to forge links with the government ministries, teach on the veterinary science degree, and help volunteers carry out a street cat survey in the city.

Developing welfare infrastructure

Meeting representatives of the dynamic group called the African Centre for Veterinary Consulting (ACVC), one of the few animal charities in Sudan, on the first day of iCatCare’s visit. ACVC is comprised of police officers, lawyers, media specialists, teachers and vets, and has been established with clear strategic aims in promoting animal welfare in the country.

Meeting the Sudanese government departments responsible for animal health, veterinary education, medicines control and rabies prevention and with the Under Secretary who leads the teams, to discuss developing the welfare infastructure for cats


"I've been working in animal welfare for 23 years, but meeting with the governmment departments was one of the most rewarding days of my career. Our meetings were positive — we were met with enthusiasm, open-mindedness and pledges of collaboration on all the areas discussed — be it pilot programmes for street cats, veterinary education, development of a vet nursing profession, and the registration of veterinary medicines for small animals."

Ian MacFarlaine, Head of Operations (Welfare)

Veterinary training

Andy Sparkes, Veterinary Director of iCatCare, delivered a marathon series of lectures on feline origins, health, vaccination, infectious diseases, neutering and nutrition to undergraduate veterinary students at the Sudan University of Science and Technology.