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International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats

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Cats rule the internet; there are few of us who haven’t been entertained by their antics in a video or photo online. While these internet celebrity cats may enrich our lives with a smile on a regular basis, there are millions and millions of cats we do not see who are struggling simply to survive.

Indeed, life is tough for many cats all over the world, and cat welfare urgently needs improvement. Solving these problems isn’t easy. Change will only happen when different entities, including central governments, non-governmental organisations and charities, breeders, owners and veterinary professionals, come together and play their part.

That’s why International Cat Care has developed the ‘International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats’, to provide a clear framework to help everyone to protect and improve feline welfare.

Read and download the Declaration:

Sign the Declaration

Once you have read the Declaration we are asking people to sign it. The gathering of signatures will achieve three goals:

  1. By signing the Declaration, you are acknowledging that you have read the document and agree that we need a collaborative way forward to help the global cat population.
  2. By adding your signature to the Declaration, you are helping us to show the world how many people care about cats and want their welfare to be improved.
  3. By supporting the Declaration, you will enable organisations to use the document to help convince other parties to work together or develop new laws or responsibilities which can help deliver better cat welfare.

If you believe that the quality of life of every single cat matters, whether it lives in our home or on the streets, please sign the Declaration. Together, let’s make the world a better place for cats.

> Sign the Declaration

Declare and Share

Declare your support for improving feline welfare by sharing a photo on social media with one of our signs, using the hashtag #catdeclaration.

Download the signs:


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