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ISFM Vet Membership

The waiting room is changing…

Numbers of pet cats are increasing worldwide, and so is the demand for high-quality, holistic feline care.

ISFM is here to support you and help you take owners beyond the consulting room. As a member, you’ll be joining an international community of professionals dedicated to providing excellent feline care.

Investing in yourself benefits a wider cause and helps make a difference to cats everywhere…

By supporting your own feline education and knowledge, you’re also supporting ISFM’s parent charity, iCatCare – a world-leading feline welfare organisation. Membership directly funds our charity work, where we provide specialised resources to veterinary and feline professionals, and pet owners. This is core to our mission of enabling people to understand cats’ individual needs and perspective better, so that they can act in the best interests of each cat and its welfare.

The benefits of ISFM Vet membership include:

  • Having the latest research in feline medicine and surgery at your fingertips with our world-renowned journal, the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.
  • A monthly informal social Zoom meeting – Clinical Club – which provides the opportunity to discuss practical clinical issues and cases with other practitioners.
  • Research Roundup – monthly summaries of some of the latest clinically relevant science from JFMS and other journals.
  • A community forum to discuss advances in feline medicine and difficult feline cases with fellow veterinary professionals and some of the world’s leading feline specialists in a supportive environment.
  • CPD at your convenience with a programme of high-quality, monthly webinars.
  • Discounts to attend our worldwide events and conferences – renowned for world-class CPD from leading experts and a great social atmosphere to network with other international professionals.
  • Access to member rates for a wide variety of tutor-led and on-demand courses.
  • A monthly newsletter on feline medicine and surgery, and information on charity activities in an easy to digest format ensuring you’re always up to date.
  • A substantial discount for publishing in the open access journal the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports.
  • Practice members receive an annual waiting room certificate and use of the ISFM logo.


  • For practice and group members, it’s the first step on the path to having your practice accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic and joining the thousands of CFCs worldwide that have made a commitment to the growing number of cat owners to provide outstanding levels of holistic care, with minimal stress for patient and owner.

Membership categories

The main categories of membership for veterinarians are:

Individual membership – £130 for the year

You will receive all the membership benefits for yourself; however, if you’re interested in becoming a Cat Friendly Clinic, then practice membership is required.

Click Here to sign up to Individual Membership

Practice membership – £205 for the year

This provides your practice with all of the membership benefits for up to 5 vets per practice.

Click Here to sign up to Practice Membership

You can download a poster summary of ISFM membership and its benefits to share with your practice manager here.

Group membership

This option provides all group members with all the member benefits and is available for all sizes of groups based on a tier system, so there is a suitable option for all requirements. Please email to discuss your requirements.

Academy Membership

This option is available to veterinarians with post-graduate qualifications or specialist qualifications in disciplines complimentary to the aims of ISFM (e.g. cardiology, surgery). Academy Members have access to all member benefits at reduced rates and are invited to join a dedicated Academy membership forum space involving a specialist community of veterinarians focused on improving veterinary care for cats by sharing of information and promotion of initiatives.

You can find out more about Academy Membership here or email to begin an application.


We look forward to welcoming you as an ISFM member!

If you have any questions about membership, please email 

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