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Top Tip: How to photograph cats

23rd June 2020

  •   Top Tip Tuesday
Top Tip: How to photograph cats

How to photograph cats

Cats are notorious for their hunting behaviours that can include energetic to elusive demeanours. This can make them hard to capture on camera! If you want to attempt to capture the perfect cat photo, then these tips below will hopefully get you that one step closer.

Our top tips on photographing cats, come from some past International Cat Care photography competition winners!

Phil Croucher our 2013 competition winner offers this top tip, ‘try to fill the frame with your subject but make sure not to cut off the cat’s ears or tail! He also adds that if the background is too busy, it could distract from your focus point.  

Carl Welsbyour 2014 competition winner, gives his top tip: ‘Always check that the background doesn’t“add” a surprise element to your composition. No one wants a photo of a cat with a lampshade growing out of its head!’ 

Photo by Hon Wa Yip

And our final top tip is delivered by Hon Wa Yip, our 2015 competition winner, who suggests that you should ‘Take your time and don’t be afraid to wait for the perfect shot – but keep your camera close as you never know when that perfect moment will happen…’

Our photography competition is an annual event which anyone can take part in. We offer prizes to the chosen winners with the best photographs! Keep an eye on our website for more information as it comes!


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