Support us

How we are different

We are an educational charity focused on supporting the knowledge and understanding of cats among vets, owners, and cat care professionals. We do not run sanctuaries but carry out practical training and neutering projects, supporting local organisations on the ground in their development, to produce locally sustainable longterm benefit for cats.

Reasons to support International Cat Care

  1. We are the only charity that deals with all aspects of cat health and welfare internationally.

  2. We work with local, national and international organisations and charities, providing them with equipment, training and support

  3. We are continually updating the information we produce for cat owners, the veterinary profession and cat professionals, so that cats everywhere receive the best care available.

Where your money goes

  1. Provides on-the-ground training for vets and charity volunteers in TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return).

  2. Funds equipment, such as traps and restrainer cages, plus surgical instruments.

  3. Educates vets through teaching courses, and international congresses and events.


iCatCare vet teaching neutering techniques in Sudan