ISFM Guide to Feline Stress and Health

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Most vets, veterinary nurses and technicians are aware that cats can be affected by stress and distress in the veterinary environment. But how can you tell what a cat is experiencing and what can you do to improve the situation? Of course, it is not just in the veterinary surgery where cats are affected by stressors – cats can also experience negative emotions in other confined environments such as the home and the homing centre. It is also not just the physical environment that contains stressors, people and their activities can also make situations difficult. All of these can affect the cats’ health and welfare making them more difficult to handle and treat, (and in the case of a homing centre, to rehome).

This guide aims to help understand why cats can become stressed and distressed in many environments and suggests how to improve welfare. Implementing some basic ideas, principles and tips can make a huge difference and will change how you view cats within your care.

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