Distance Learning Award Winners 2014

UK feline charity, International Cat Care and its veterinary division, the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), has announced the 2014 winners of its Distance Learning Courses. The top students were honoured at a special awards ceremony at Kensington Roof Gardens, London.

Alice Allbrook, a veterinary nurse at Langford Veterinary Services, Bristol; Emma Lote, a veterinary nurse at Northwest Surgeons, Cheshire; and Lis Oram, head veterinary nurse at Torbridge Vet Group, South Molton, Devon, were all recognised as being top students on the ISFM Certificate in Feline Friendly Nursing. Gemma Reid, Deputy Nursing Manager at the Animal Health Trust, Kentford, Suffolk, was lauded for her work on the ISFM Diploma in Feline Nursing.

Juanita Sharp, Regional Advisor for The Burmese Cat Club and registered GCCF breeder, from Ascot, Berkshire, scored the highest marks on the Advanced Certificate in Cat Health and Welfare (Breeding).

Julie Giles, owner of Chardley Cats Lodge, Norfolk UK, scored the highest marks on the Diploma in Cat Health and Welfare (Boarding), and Judith Shakespeare from Cats Protection, New Zealand was recognised for her work on the Diploma in Cat Health and Welfare (Rescue).

Sam Taylor, ISFM Distance Education Coordinator and feline specialist said: “All our winners really impressed us with their level of knowledge as well as their enthusiasm towards improving cat care and welfare, be it during a visit to the vets or boarding facility, during a longer stay at a rescue centre or through breeding. Cats deserve the best and that is what our award winners are giving them.”

Each winner was presented with bespoke plaques from Claire Bessant, Chief Executive of International Cat Care, who said: “Our winners should all feel really proud. They gave 100% to their courses and their awards are a small recognition of their accomplishments. We hope that their success and achievements will encourage other veterinary nurses and cat professionals to sign up to the courses.” 

For information about any of International Cat Care’s training courses visit icatcare.org/learn.


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Title: Top students receive Distance Learning Awards
Description: Pictured from left to right: Lis Oram, Emma Lote, Alice Allbrook, with International Chief Executive Cliare Bessant receiving their Distance Learning Awards for their high level of achievement in the 
ISFM Certificate in Feline Friendly Nursing

Title: Distance Learning Award Winner Gemma Reid
Description: Gemma Reid, Distance Learning Award Winner pictured with Andy Sparkes, Veterinary Scientific Director of Internaitonal Cat Care

Title: Distance Learning Award Winner Juanita Sharp
Description: Juanita Sharp (right) receiving her award from Claire Bessant, International Cat Care Chief Executive, for her high level of achievement in the 
Advanced Certificate in Cat Health and Welfare (Breeding)

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