Scottish Folds suffering for their 'looks'

Skeletal abnormalities, abnormal bone development, arthritis and osteoarthritis, new bone formation, stiffness of limbs and tail, mutation of cartilage...

Scottish Fold cats are suffering.

As a charity we have already taken a stand and said that these cats should not be bred; however, we have not been vocal enough.

No owner wants their cat to suffer. Whilst many owners find the look of these cats appealing they have no idea of the painful health problems that these cats experience.

In January's issue of Intelligent Cat Care magazine we delve deeper into the suffering of Scottish Folds. We discuss the evidence of their suffering, the human arthritis research that is now being based on Scottish Fold cats and we also include 'Cute and condemned to suffering: it's time to ban the breeding of mutant cats' an article by Veterinary Specialist Richard Malik, one of the authors of the human arthritis research.

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