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  • Make sure your cat clients know you care
  • The essential feline resource for all small animal practitioners
  • Individual or practice ISFM membership

Key benefits:

  • Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JFMS)
    Monthly printed issues of JFMS (including 6 clinical issues), full access to the latest JFMS papers online and the entire JFMS archive via the members’ portal 
  • Veterinary webinars
    Monthly webinars from experts in feline medicine and behaviour which can be watched live or downloaded to be watched later, providing a great CPD option for busy vets
  • Reduced rates to congresses
    Substantially discounted rates to ISFM congresses – such as the ISFM Feline Congress and pre-BSAVA ISFM Feline Symposium – plus free access to conference proceedings
  • Monthly newsletters
    Member newsletters, including relevant feline abstracts, news, JFMS editor picks and much more
  • Veterinary forum
    Case discussion, exchange of ideas and opinions, and peer-to-peer support
  • Cat Friendly Clinic
    The opportunity for your practice to become Cat Friendly Clinic accredited at no cost



How much does it cost?

Membership pricing is listed at the bottom of the table below and is based on a 12 month period from the date of application (eg, start date of 26/09/2016 equals end date of 25/09/2017). Renewal reminders will be sent via email.

Why is it such good value?

ISFM is the veterinary division of the charity International Cat Care, which has the charitable objective of improving the health and welfare of cats everywhere through the sharing of advice, knowledge and training. As such, membership of ISFM is provided at extremely low cost to enable as many veterinarians as possible to have access.

How do I join?

Click on the the link below to join online. 


Member benefits:Practice membershipIndividual membership
Monthly printed issues of JFMS (including 6 clinical issues)
Full access to the JFMS archive online (Practice members: up to 5 individuals)
Monthly veterinary webinars (Practice members: up to 5 individuals)
Monthly Intelligent Cat Care magazine (online)
Member rates for conferences and CPD (Practice members: up to 5 individuals)
Member rates for other ISFM materials
Monthly newsletters (Practice members: up to 5 individuals)
Access to member restricted material
Access to ISFM Feline Medicine Forum (Practice members: up to 5 individuals)
Annual waiting room certificate, use of logo, listing on website
The opportunity to becoming a Cat Friendly Clinic at no cost

Group Practice Membership

ISFM is now offering membership for groups of veterinary practices. 

To discuss this with our Membership Department, please contact Becks Hind on +44 (0)1747 871872 or by email at


ISFM membership terms and conditions