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Ana Martos Martinez-Caja graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2006 (University of Cordoba, Spain). Pursuing an interest in animal behaviour, she then obtained a specialisation diploma in Clinical Ethology (University Complutense of Madrid). In 2008, she started working as a small animal veterinary surgeon where she practiced internal medicine and behavioural therapy for cats for 5 years. In 2013 she decided to refocus her career towards research by enrolling in the Masters Programme of Applied Animal Welfare and Animal Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh. Ana is currently based in Ghent (Belgium) where she has just completed her PhD at Ghent University, studying the benefits of the Human-Animal Bond in people experiencing difficult life circumstances. She is currently working on the publication of several chapters of her thesis.

Ana’s research interests include the areas of animal personality and cognition and specially the relationship between the welfare of people and the welfare of their companion animals. Throughout her career she has engaged in scientific communication through different media and is author or co-author of 6 scientific publications and a book chapter on environmental enrichment for captive felids.

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