Vets/nurses: additional support materials


Information and support to make your clinic more Cat Friendly

By registering your interest in the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic programme – you can have immediate access to the Cat Friendly Clinic support material including a PDF copy of:

  • The Guide to Creating a Cat Friendly Clinic
    A comprehensive and detailed look at cats, cat behaviour and what it means for a clinic to become Cat Friendly.
  • The ISFM and AAFP Guidelines on Feline Friendly Nursing
  • The ISFM and AAFP Guidelines on Feline Friendly Handling

Additional material

In addition to these resources we have further information on this website to help explain in more detail some of the Cat Friendly Clinic criteria, and also provide some practical examples for how these criteria can be met.

The following information is provided:


If you have any queries about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.