How to use a spot-on treatment

Many flea and parasite preparations now come as spot-on preparations, making them much easier to use on cats.

However, proper use of the preparations, making sure they reach the skin and don’t just remain on the fur, is crucial to make sure the preparation works properly.

  • Gently restrain your cat, and part the fur/hair at the back of the cat’s neck so that you can see the skin underneath

  • Apply the product onto the skin itself. Some products recommend it is applied at two different locations on the back of the neck, with half the tube dispensed at each

  • Try to get as much product on the skin as possible and as little on the hair


Never use dog flea preparations on cats, as some may contain concentrated permethrin which can be fatal to cats. Always ask your vet if you are unsure.

> See our permethrin campaign

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