What we do

Passionate about improving the care of all cats

Millions of people around the world love cats, either having them as pets, living alongside them in the community, or treating and caring for them as veterinary surgeons or cat professionals.

But we know many cats are not kept as well as they could be and there is also a great deal of suffering – because information is scarce, because the needs of cats are misunderstood, because good veterinary care is not available, because humane population control is not considered or, unfortunately because like many other animals, they are treated cruelly or neglected. 

We work in all these areas because they all overlap:

Welfare – in action

Cats around the world often suffer because of a lack of care and understanding. We are on the ground, caring and neutering, as well as working with local owners, organisations, veterinary surgeons and governments to provide quality knowledge, training and equipment.  Our aim is to help them to undertake sustainable humane population control and promote better welfare for cats.


Happy healthy cats require good owner knowledge and understanding. We provide the most accurate and up to date information on how to keep your cat happy, healthy and safe, working with knowledgeable feline vets, behaviourists and professionals all over the world. We also provide the right advice and training to those who work with cats on a professional level, be it in rescue, breeding or catteries, to enable them to always put the welfare of cats first.


Healthy cats require good veterinary care, which is tailored to them – they are not small dogs. Our veterinary division – the International Society of Feline Medicine – works with the veterinary profession across the world to provide cutting edge information for the veterinary care of cats in the form of journals and continuing education, together with all the materials required to become more 'cat friendly', so that your cat will receive the best possible treatment. Good veterinary care is also critical for improving cat welfare.

Our aim is sustainable improvements of cat health and welfare based on the best information and training – most importantly working with people who care passionately for cats.