WellCat for life

WellCat for Life is a new initiative from ISFM brought to you in collaboration with Purina

ISFM & Purina – committed to making cats’ lives better

WellCat for Life is a Europe-wide initiative that has two major aims:
  • To create more 'Cat Friendly' veterinary clinics, and
  • To create a Partnership of Care between vet clinics and owners for the lifelong health of the cat

Phase 1: Cat Friendly Clinic programme

The ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic standard is a self-assessement accreditation scheme open to any veterinary clinic that deals with cat patients. It lays out numerous requirements regarding the design, equipment and facilities within the clinic. Importantly, it also covers the quality of care provided to cats, the level of understanding of cats and their needs in the clinic, and interaction between the clinic and cat owners.

Cat owners will be able to look for clinics that have the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic certification, as a mark of the standard of care they can expect to receive. Clinics can apply for either the Silver (essential) or Gold (advanced) level of certification, depending on which criteria they meet.

ISFM is delighted to be able to offer this new standard in collaboration with PURINA, who will provide all the materials necessary for clinics to apply for accreditation free of charge. This includes a copy of our comprehensive Guide to creating a Cat Friendly Clinic for veterinary clinics, which takes a step-by-step approach to understanding cats, and what is needed to fulfil the criteria to become an accredited clinic. The pack will also include an application form, which details what the individual criteria are and what supporting materials are needed with the application.

Completed application forms should be submitted to ISFM, or an ISFM National Partner organisation, and successful applicants will be awarded the Cat Friendly Clinic standard (at the appropriate level), with supporting materials to use within the clinic.

Clinics will need to reaccredit every two years to maintain their status.

Further details about the Cat Friendly Clinic programme can be obtained by clicking the links below.

Cat Friendly Clinic materials

Application form for a Cat Friendly Clinic pack:

Launch brochure for veterinary clinics, explaining the scheme in more detail:

Essential Cattitude – a guide to understanding feline behaviour

ISFM/AAFP Feline Friendly Handling Guidelines