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Novel viruses: update on the significance of papillomavirus infections in cats
Prior to 1990, papillomaviruses (PVs) were not recognized to infect or cause disease in domestic cats. Since this time, the use of histology, immunohistochemistry and, more recently, molecular techniques has revealed that PVs almost certainly cause feline viral plaques and Bowenoid in situ carcinomas, oral papillomas and feline sarcoids. In addition, there is increasing evidence that PVs play a significant role in the development of feline cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas, one of the most common skin tumours of cats. Recent studies have also revealed that most cats are asymptomatically infected with PVs and this raises a critical question that is currently unanswered: why do only a small proportion of infected cats develop disease? This Clinical Review, authored by John Munday, Claire Sharp and Julia Beatty, of Massey University, New Zealand, and Murdoch University and the University of Sydney, Australia, respectively, is aimed at clinicians, especially those who regularly treat cats with skin disease, as well as oncologists and researchers who have an interest in how cancer develops in cats, and provides an update on the significance of papillomavirus infections in cats.

Nutritional assessment in the cat: practical recommendations for better medical care
Providing a brief nutritional assessment for every cat at every visit will result in better medical care, and will also help to build trust with clients; many veterinarians, however, may feel ill-equipped to provide adequate nutritional assessments and recommendations for their patients. This clinical review, authored by Angela Witzel Rollins and Maryanne Murphy at the University of Tennessee, USA, goes through both assessment of the cat, including body condition scoring and muscle condition scoring, and assessment of the diet. The article is also accompanied by videos demonstrating the body condition scoring process for a series of cats ranging from ideal body weight through to obese.

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