JFMS Open Reports

New Open Access Journal from the JFMS Team 

High quality case reports, case series and short communications relevant to the practice of feline medicine and surgery

The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports (JFMS Open Reports) is an international, peer-reviewed, online, open access journal.

Like its sister title, The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, it is an official journal of both the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

The journal is aimed at practitioners as well as researchers with an interest in the clinical healthcare of domestic cats. JFMS Open Reports publishes high quality case reports, short case series (eg, 2-3 cases of a particular condition) and short communications on all aspects of feline medicine and surgery relevant to clinical practice and the understanding of clinical problems and disease.

Questions & Answers

What is JFMS Open Reports?

  • The brand new veterinary journal of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). Like Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, it is published jointly with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), by SAGE Publications.
  • The sister title to the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. Just like JFMS, it is aimed at veterinary practitioners as well as researchers with an interest in the clinical healthcare of domestic cats.
  • An Open Access journal. This means that all articles are freely accessible to any reader – at jfmsopenreports.com. (Note that this is an important distinction from JFMS, which continues as a subscription-/membership-based journal, in both print and online formats; unlike JFMS, anyone, whether or not they are an ISFM member, can access JFMS Open Reports articles in full, without needing to log in via our member portal.)
  • A continuous, online publication. Articles are published rapidly as soon as they have been approved for publication (as there is no print format, there are no page budget restrictions and no waiting times).

What is the need for JFMS Open Reports?

JFMS receives increasing numbers of article submissions year on year (from 142 in 2007 to 246 in 2014). Due to page budgets and costs, the number of articles that can be published is restricted. JFMS Open Reports has been developed primarily to allow us to continue to publish certain categories of articles (see below), which we recognise as being valuable, but which we no longer have space for in JFMS. We hope that, in the process, this will free up space in JFMS for more highly citable articles and allow us to continue to attract the highest quality submissions and continue to advance the field of feline medicine and surgery.

How does JFMS Open Reports differ in content from JFMS?

The two titles are entirely complementary:

  • JFMS Open Reports is the journal for high quality feline case reports and short case series, and short communications presenting valuable new data on the regional prevalence of disease.
  • JFMS continues in its well-established two formats – ‘Classic’ and ‘Clinical Practice’. The Classic editions publish high-quality clinical research and substantial clinical studies contributing novel information relevant to feline clinical practice. The Clinical Practice editions publish review articles and consensus guidelines, which aim to help veterinary practitioners with their day-to-day feline work.

How do ISFM members benefit?

  • ISFM members are eligible for a substantially discounted APC when they publish in JFMS Open Reports (US$195/£120; compared with the full APC of US$700/£425). VAT is applied where applicable. (Note that these APCs have been set at very competitive rates compared with other similar journals – ‘Veterinary Record Open’, for example charges a full APC of £1350 plus VAT.)
  • Authors will be given the option of joining ISFM at the point of article submission, in order to qualify for the member APC. 

How do authors submit articles to JFMS Open Reports?

  • We are welcoming new submissions to JFMS Open Reports. These can be made here: mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jfms-or
  • Full details of the submission process are available in the manuscript submission guidelines at jfmsopenreports.com
  • All articles are subject to peer-review

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