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Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JFMS) and Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports (JFMS Open Reports)

JFMS and its sister journal, JFMS Open Reports, are published jointly with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) by our publishing partner SAGE, and are aimed at both practitioners and researchers with an interest in the veterinary care and welfare of domestic cats. Both JFMS and JFMS Open Reports are international, open access, peer-reviewed journals, meaning everyone, everywhere can read their content for free.

JFMS is dedicated to publishing original papers of international or global significance that improve the veterinary care and welfare of domestic cats. It publishes original papers, short communications and larger cases series, as well as review papers and Society-led consensus guidelines. JFMS boasts an impact factor of 1.7 and is ranked 55 out of 143 journals in the veterinary sciences category of the citation list. In 2022, its website,, was visited by over 468,000 individuals from 214 countries.

JFMS Open Reports is dedicated to publishing original papers that improve the veterinary care and welfare of domestic cats. It publishes high-quality case reports, short case series and short communications of national or regional significance. In June this year, JFMS Open Reports achieved its first Impact Factor of 0.7. JFMS Open Reports is indexed in PubMed Central and its website,, was visited by nearly 70,000 individuals from 155 countries in 2022.

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JFMS and JFMS Open Reports for practitioners

For both journals enjoy:

  • Access on the go or at your leisure – with articles available in HTML, PDF and e-Book (EPUB) formats, optimised for reading ‘on the go’
  • Full and searchable archive – authoritative, practical, feline-focused information at your fingertips

For JFMS enjoy:

  • ‘Virtual’ Special Issues – ‘mini-manuals’ on feline comorbidities, abdominal ultrasonography, reproduction and cardiomyopathies, plus many more
  • ‘Collections’ – jump straight to the ever-popular ISFM and AAFP guidelines and the cover-to-cover PDFs of print issues published between 2012 and 2022
  • Supplementary enhancements to articles and guidelines – including client brochures, video resources and translations
  • Guidelines articles – acute pain, inappetence, diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis, blood transfusions, cat friendly veterinary interactions and more
  • Clinical Spotlight articles – practitioner-friendly, clinically relevant articles that have been invested in by the Societies, with extra exclusive resources for ISFM members

JFMS and JFMS Open Reports for researchers


  • A flexible, responsive and fast review process – on average, a first decision in less than 35 days from submission
  • Rapid online publication – within 25 working days of acceptance
  • What’s trending – direct links to the ‘most recent’, ‘most read’ and ‘most cited’ articles, as well as those ‘trending’ on Altmetric
  • High-quality copyediting, proofreading and presentation of your article
  • Open access dissemination of your paper, driving high visibility and global exposure
  • JFMS Resident Best Paper Award’ and ‘JFMS Open Reports Practitioner Best Paper Award’, to recognise quality and excellence for early-career authors and practitioners, respectively

How do ISFM members benefit?

  • ISFM members are eligible for a substantial discount on the article processing charge (APC) when they publish in JFMS Open Reports (75% discount). From 5 July 2023, ISFM members will also be eligible for a 22% discount on the APC for JFMS
  • Access to exclusive member-only resources that accompany the Clinical Spotlight articles
  • Further ISFM member benefits are available here

How do authors submit articles to JFMS and JFMS Open Reports?

Full details of the submission process are available in the manuscript submission guidelines at:

  • JFMS ­–
  • JFMS Open Reports –

All articles are subject to peer review.


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About the International Society of Feline Medicine

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