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ISFM National Partners

ISFM is proud to work with like-minded feline-focused veterinary organisations from across the world. These are known as ISFM National Partners. 

For a list of current ISFM National Partners, please click here.

About ISFM National Partners

The aim of the ISFM National Partner network is to work collaboratively with like-minded veterinary cat groups, providing a working framework for the exchange and dissemination of information, and offering support and publicity where possible. In this way, we aim to bring together the best worldwide expertise in cats, in creative ideas, and in feline veterinary programmes so that together we can develop a network that will be of benefit to all the organisations.

National Partners are independent, feline-focused veterinary organisations, which affiliate to ISFM – this is achieved through a collaborative non-political structure without elected positions.

Who can become an ISFM National Partner?

Any group of cat-interested veterinarians can get together and join as an ISFM National Partner. In some cases, our National Partners is a group within a recognised national veterinary authority. In other cases, they are simply a collection of like-minded vets who have set up their own national feline veterinary group. We wish to encourage and facilitate collaboration with any like-minded national feline veterinary group, and where needed, help facilitate the formation of such a group – all that is needed is a small number of enthusiastic and motivated feline-orientated veterinarians!

How to become an ISFM National Partner

To find out more about becoming an ISFM National Partner, please contact us:

e. [email protected]
t. +44 (0)1747 871872

If you wish to apply to become an ISFM National Partner, please complete this form.

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