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Finding solutions according to the cats’ needs

Once you have looked at your particular issues, the types and needs of the cats you are dealing with, the environment in which you are working and who else is working within it, then you can start to decide how to help. Although it would be wrong to state that all cats fit absolutely into any one of the categories described (that would be too easy!), having an understanding of the type and needs of cats you are dealing with will dictate the most fitting solution.

Feral cats and street cats
  • Prevent reproduction using a humane method such as Trap, Neuter and Return, referred to as TNR
  • Manage the colony with feeding and monitoring and continue to TNR any newcomers

This video explains the benefits of TNR. It was produced in 2018 by La Troupe Asociación, a small NGO working to help strays, ferals and street cats in Granada, Spain.

Pet cats (including stray and abandoned)
  • Unwanted cats that are friendly towards people (pet cats) should have the opportunity to live with people in homes that particularly suit their individual needs, for example, some cats will be adapted to living an indoor lifestyle or with attentive owners
  • It is important to remember that the demand for pet cats (particularly pre-owned ones) differs from country to country and if there is no demand then confining cats with the view to homing should not be considered as an option. Homing pet cats is covered in detail under the section – Cat Friendly Homing

Inbetweener cats
  • Depending on their tolerance of people, inbetweeners are neutered and may either be relocated to private land where someone can care for them from a distance, or go to a very specific kind of owner who will have them in their home but will adopt a ‘hands-off’ approach

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