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Make International Cat Care your CSR partner

International Cat Care has a history of the responsible development of key feline knowledge, dating back to 1958 when the Feline Advisory Bureau was first conceived. Over this last half century, the charity has enhanced the veterinary knowledge of feline medicine and surgery, influencing teaching and research to the extent that literally millions of cats worldwide have benefited from the knowledge and understanding which the charity has disseminated. Along with all these changes, the charity changed its name to International Cat Care to better convey to the public the work that it does and the growing need for its influence and reach to be extended year after year.

Today, however, while so many cared-for cats now enjoy longer, healthier and happier lives as a result of this knowledge, the fate of millions of unowned cats – whether neglected, abandoned, feral or community cats – is worsening as urban development gathers pace and financial implications dwarf ethical considerations. There is no equivalent agency to International Cat Care anywhere in the world, and every year the organisation is faced with more and increasingly urgent requests to intervene and to effect change for cats around the world and the communities they share with people.

International Cat Care is a responsible and informed charity doing wonderful things for cats and their communities around the world. We currently have active projects in Europe, in Africa and in the Far East  – all commercial markets at different stages of development but we really need your help to make these projects sustainable with lasting benefit to the cats and their communities.

With the help of your company’s corporate social investment, we could do so much more and could make our projects sustainable in the longer term with real benefits accruing to our partners in industry.

Please help us by making International Cat Care your CSR partner.

If you are interested, please contact Claire Bessant, International Cat Care Chief Executive.

About CSR

The European Commission  stated, in 2011, that to fully meet their social responsibility, enterprises “should have in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders”.

The aim was both to enhance positive impacts – for example through the innovation of new products and services that are beneficial to society and the enterprises themselves – and to minimise and prevent negative impacts.(1)

For many companies, there is a strong compulsion to invest in the communities where they work, recognising that their enterprise creates jobs, fuels innovation and drives the global economy. Providing their products and services safely, reliably and economically is a responsibility that they take seriously, but for some special companies, taking the opportunity to do just a little more to help the common good of man, the environment and our interaction with the animal kingdom, is a need inherent in the psyche of the workforce, the management and the shareholders.

However, while the work which charities deliver may have changed little in the face of a burgeoning need, the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has moved forward and changed considerably.

Being recognised as being socially and environmentally responsible remains a key consideration for modern enterprises but, increasingly, businesses need to look for a strategic return on their community investments.

In today’s hard pressed world, corporate investors are seeking a strategic alignment with their business strategies, and are looking for charities that demonstrate a shared interest in those specific social issues which most concern the business investors.


(1) Enterprise and Industry DG, European Commission 2011