iCatCare Calendar 2018 Pre-Order

Price: £5.00

International Cat Care’s much-loved charity calendar is back, with a new theme – Street Cats.

This 2018 calendar features images of street cats (also thought of as stray cats, feral cats or community cats) from all over the world which capture the character of cats surviving without owners and reflect the reality of a life on the streets. The photos featured are the winning entries from iCatCare's 2017 Photographic Competition.

The calendar is A4-sized landscape (opens to A3 portrait size) and is packaged in a shrink wrapped envelope to protect it.

All proceeds from the sale go to support our work in improving the health and welfare of cats worldwide.

The calendar is currently available to pre-order and will be dispatched from September.

If you would like to order more than 5 copies of the calendar please email eve.davies@icatcare.org as we may be able to offer a discount.

Street Cats calendar cover