Feral Cat Manual

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Many people are drawn to help feral cats and usually they haven't planned to do so! They come from a variety of different backgrounds and often have the passion and drive to get involved but not the knowledge or experience to know where to start or how to deal with the inevitable problems which arise. However there are those who have mastered both the art and the science of working with these wonderful animals and have made a huge difference to their welfare.

Working with ferals is not the same as rescuing and rehoming pet or stray cats - it needs a very different attitude and approach and a new set of skills.

Under FAB's* banner, the various authors of the Feral Cat Manual bring together a unique mix of expertise and experience in an effort to pass on years of knowledge and tried and tested methods.

This manual aims to provide the best information to those who want to help feral cats – so you don't have to learn the hard way. 

Chapters cover:

  • Cats, cats and feral cats 
  • Trap-neuter realease: the best solution 
  • Before you start 
  • Addressing the particular problem 
  • Trapping: the equipment 
  • Trapping: the theory and the practice 
  • Ongoing management of feral cat colonies 
  • Health of the cats 
  • Queens and kittens 
  • Feral cats as pets 
  • Working around the world 
  • Animal hoarding 
  • Project histories 
  • Code of practice 
  • Useful contacts


*FAB – International Cat Care was formerly known as the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)