Twelve stunning winners in ‘Cats for all seasons’ photo competition

International Cat Care has revealed the 12 winning photographs, including the overall winner, from its 2014 Photographic Competition, 'Cats for all seasons', which will now feature in the charity's 2015 calendar.

The competition, which was run over the summer, attracted nearly 3,000 entries from 48 different countries. This is the second year International Cat Care, in conjunction with Your Cat and Digital Photographer magazines, has run the competition and the judges were overwhelmed by the quality and beauty of the entries.

After much consideration, a shortlist of 100 entries was pulled together, from which the 12 winners were chosen. The overall winner was Carl Welsby, a window cleaner from Pembrokeshire in Wales, whose stunning picture of his cat Holly was taken purely by chance as he headed inside from his garden with his camera and spotted Holly looking out of his lounge window. Carl was shocked and overjoyed at winning, having only entered the competition on the suggestion of his wife. When he won Carl said: 'I picked myself off the floor and went and made a cup of tea to calm down!' Carl will receive £500 and a year's subscription to Your Cat, and his picture will appear on the cover of International Cat Care’s charity calendar.

The other 11 winning photographs to appear in the calendar came from all corners of globe, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Croatia, making it a truly international cat calendar. The calendar is being sold to raise funds for International Cat Care and is available to purchase from the charity’s website, 

International Cat Care has also produced greetings cards from ten of the other stunning photographs submitted, which are being sold in packs of ten and are also available to purchase on their website. For veterinary clinics, catteries, and companies involved with the care of cats, the charity has also produced sympathy cards chosen from some of the more reflective cat pictures. These can be sent to clients, customers and friends on the loss of their cat.

The top 100 images are available to view on the charity's Facebook page



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1. Winning picture of Holly.jpg
Caption: ‘Holly’ photographed by Carl Welsby, the overall winner of the iCatCare ‘Cats for all seasons’ Photographic Competition 2014

2. Carl Welsby with Holly.jpg
Caption: Carl Welsby, overall winner of the International Cat Care Photographic Competition, pictured with his starring cat Holly

3.Calendar cover.jpg
Caption: International Cat Care's stunning charity calendar 'Cats for all seasons' featuring the 12 winning entries from its photographic competition, now availble to purchase

The twelve winners

January winner:

‘Tweety’ photographed by Adrian Tan, Malaysia
Tweety is one of several cats which Adrian has adopted over the past ten years. Tweety has heart disease, but still enjoys a very comfortable life and is pictured here in his favourite pose, sleeping soundly with one of his paws over his head lying next to Adrian’s feet as always – a devoted companion.

February winner:

‘Hotfoot Jackson’ photographed by Gemma Asbury, UK
Named after a pet crow belonging to a white witch from Burley in the 1950s, Hotfoot Jackson belongs to Kelly and Richie, friends of Gemma. Gemma took this picture as Hotfoot looked longingly out of the kitchen window because he wanted to go out and explore.

March and overall winner:

‘Holly’ photographed by Carl Welsby, UK
Carl and his wife got Holly as a kitten from a local farm at Christmas time – hence her seasonal name. She joined them, and their sheep, chickens and Jasper the terrier (who Holly is very much the boss of!), on their smallholding in Wales. Carl took this picture from the outside, looking in through their lounge window.

April winner:

‘Street cat’ photographed by Hon Wa Yip, Hong Kong
Hon Wa Yip first spotted this cat four years ago in a park in Hong Kong. He visited the park several times on the day he captured this photograph, and each time the cat was sitting in the same place sheltering from the rain.

May winner:

‘Mimi’ photographed by Silvia Bukovac Gašević, Croatia
A year ago a beautiful calico cat came into Silvia’s garden in Croatia – she was pregnant and without a home. Silvia looked after her and the kittens and was able to find them all good new homes, including the beautiful Mimi.

June winner:

‘Atlas and Apollo’ photographed by Elahe Soufiani, UK
Mamma, a female cat, made her home in Elahe’s garden and soon after gave birth to four kittens, Apollo, Artemis, Athena and Atlas. With the help of a rescue organisation, Mamma and her kittens were trapped, neutered and returned to Elahe’s garden where they now live happily together, with the use of their very own purpose-built shelter.

July winner:

‘Lucy’ photographed by Silvia Bukovac Gašević, Croatia
Silvia fostered Lucy after she was found abandoned in a busy street. She had a broken tail – an old wound – which made it shorter and curved in a ‘Z’ shape. Silvia soon found the sweet-natured Lucy a loving new home.

August winner:

‘Smul’ photographed by Desiree Houtekamer, the Netherlands
Smul, a Norwegian Forest Cat, keeps Desiree very entertained with his incredibly funny and curious nature, and is not afraid of anything!

September winner:

‘Minnie’ photographed by Phil Croucher, UK
Minnie spent his days hunting and playing on Phil’s parents’ land at their farmhouse in rural France, often getting up to mischief, including stalking Phil’s dad, along with anything else that moved! He brought a lot of joy (along with many small furry gifts!) in the relatively short time he was around. Sadly, he left one morning, never to return.

October winner:

‘Street cat’ photographed by Hon Wa Yip, Hong Kong
This picture was taken in Wanchai in 2010. The cat is part of a neutered colony of feral cats (hence the tipped ear), managed successfully using TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). The picture was taken through a wire fence without disturbing the cat relaxing, camouflaged in the leaves.

November winner:

‘Poofah’ photographed by Silvia Bukovac Gašević, Croatia
Six years ago Silvia and her husband were visiting friends on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. As they arrived, their friend was holding a kitten. When they asked ‘Is this your cat?’ their friend replied ‘No, it is yours!’ They named her Poofah and the rest is history...

December winner:

‘Freddie’ photographed by Karon Stretton, UK
Karon captured this terrific picture of Freddie, a total pacifist, lying down in the snow trying to make himself invisible to Dexter, his crazy new kitten companion who was experiencing snow for the first time!


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