Secret life of your cat

International Cat Care is pleased to release details of an exclusive evening with Dr Sarah Ellis, feline behaviour specialist from the very popular BBC2 Horizon television programmes ‘The Secret Lives of Cats’ and ‘Cat Watch 2014’ and, more recently, from this week’s BBC2 ‘Cats v Dogs’ programme with Chris Packham and Liz Bonnin,
to talk all things cat!

The evening, entitled ‘The secret life of your cat’, is being held at local venue Shaftesbury Arts Centre just a few miles away from International Cat Care’s charity headquarters. The evening starts with International Cat Care’s Veterinary Director, Dr Andy Sparkes highlighting the daily dangers and hazards cats face, as part of the charity’s Keeping Cats Safe campaign. Did you know lilies, paracetamol and antifreeze, are all poisonous to cats?

Sarah, now International Cat Care’s feline behavior specialist, will follow on with an engaging talk focused around her role within the Horizon programmes and most recently ‘Cats v Dogs’. Find out how Sarah helped track over
100 cats and how she trained her own cat to perform tricks on TV. Sarah will also give insight into how International Cat Care is helping to tackle many of the welfare issues for cats that the television programmes highlighted. Her expert insight into cat behaviour will be fascinating for anyone who shares their lives with a feline friend.

International Cat Care is a Wiltshire based feline charity passionate about improving the care of all cats worldwide. For over 55 years the charity has been raising the standard of treatment ad care provided to cars by veterinary surgeons, boarding cattery operators, those involved in rescue work, breeders and, of course, cat owners by providing them with the best information possible. The charity work with veterinary and welfare organisations all over the world, with a panel of feline veterinary medicine experts, with a feline expert behavior team and with
a welfare advisory panel. Additionally, individuals with expertise and experience in all areas of veterinary and cat care contribute to the charity to make sure that the information provided to all cat owners and carers is second to none.

Tickets to the evening are £5 for SAC Members and £7 for non-members, and are available from Shaftesbury Arts Centre Box Office or call 01747 854321. 

All proceeds from this evening will be donated to the charity’s cat welfare work. 

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