Keep your cats safe on Bonfire Night

International Cat Care is highlighting the findings of Agria Pet Insurance, one of the charity’s key supporters, who have revealed that an alarming 22% more cats are reported missing on Bonfire Night than on any other night of the year. 

Data collected over the past five years has shown that during the week either side of Bonfire Night, the number of missing pet reports goes up by a third, compared with an average week. International Cat Care believes that this is because of the amount of stress that cats experience on the night due to the loud bangs and noises that fireworks produce.  

To minimise the number of accidents, injuries and stress-related behavioural problems seen in frightened and missing pets this November, Agria Pet Insurance and International Cat Care have the following advice:

- Ensure cats are safely home before dark, potentially by offering food a little earlier than normal. Before the fireworks start, draw all the curtains and ensure that doors, windows and cat flaps are securely closed. If you allow your cat outside, ensure they are microchipped and wearing a reflective collar and identity tag.  In the few days before the night, provide a litter tray for your cats inside. This allows them to recognise that it is there, and so on the night when they are kept in, they won’t need to be let out.

- Cats pick up on odd behaviour so just treat them like normal. If they do get scared, ensure they have a safe place to hide or try and distract them with treats or play.

- Try plug-in pheromone products, such as Ceva’s ‘Feliway’ to help pets relax. Most plug-ins are available to buy from your vet and they can advise you which is the best option for you and your cat.

- Play fireworks sound effects during the weeks, or ideally months, before fireworks start. Marc Abraham, TV vet, suggests that acclimatising pets to the sounds can keep them calmer on the actual night. Firework sounds can be found online to download.

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