International Cat Care recognises companies with cat commitment

At its Annual Awards ceremony at Church House in London on 13th July, International Cat Care (iCatCare) made special recognition to those companies and individuals which have made a real difference to cats in the past twelve months. This included the presentation of four new ‘Easy to Give’ awards and three new ‘Cat Friendly’ awards. 

Easy to Give Award Winners 2018

The Easy to Give Awards, set up by the charity’s veterinary division the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) recognise the commitment made by pharmaceutical companies in making it easier to give medication to cats. ISFM recognises that medicines which are easier to administer make life less stressful for vets, owners and feline patients alike and ensure better compliance. 

The Easy to Give winners this year are:

  • Dechra for Felimazole®Coated Tablets for Cats
    Felimazole is a drug used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats in which the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone. These tablets come in three dose sizes (1.25 mg, 2.5 mg and 5 mg) to help with accurate administration and are small and coated, making them easy to hide in food or give in pill pockets. For many years, vets and owners struggled with human tables that were large, unpalatable and hard to administer – Felimazole is the opposite and shows what can be achieved when a company ‘thinks cat’.
  • Zoetis for Stronghold®Plus Spot-on Solution for Cats
    A spot-on for cats to treat against ticks and fleas, lice, mites, roundworms, hookworms and prevention of heartworm, all in one solution. The extended spectrum of activity of Stronghold Plus, together with its spot-on delivery method makes this a highly useful product for owners who prefer spot-on therapies.
  • Zoetis for VibraVet®Paste
    VibraVet Paste contains doxycycline for the treatment of infections in dogs and cats, eg, respiratory, skin and urogenital infections and is given orally. It is available in a number of countries, although not Europe at present.  Doxycycline is a valuable antimicrobial in cats and can be used in many situations – Vibravet Paste has the advantage that this is a paste which is much easier to administer to some cats, the dose can be adjusted accurately and the active ingredients is the monohydrate salt of Doxycycline, rather than Doxycycline hyclate, and so carries a lower risk of inducing oesophageal damage.
  • Bayer for Seresto®Flea and Tick Collar for Cats
    Seresto® is a flea and tick collar which has been developed using a novel blend of materials, which means it can release active ingredients (flumethrin and imidacloprid) in controlled, very low doses – giving a cat up to 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks. The collar has a safety opening mechanism and a secondary breaking point to ensure the collar can breakaway if it becomes caught. Providing both safe and effective flea treatment for cats via a collar has been difficult, but Seresto achieves this with a long duration of action. As such, this is a valuable product for owners who wish to control fleas in this way.

These companies will be granted the use of the Easy to Give logo on advertising to the veterinary world. These bring the total number of Easy to Give awards presented, since their inception in 2005, to 49. 

Cat Friendly Award Winners 2018

Four years ago, International Cat Care introduced the Cat Friendly Awards, which recognise non-pharmaceutical products which have made a real difference to cat wellbeing. There are some great new products and ideas out there for cats.

  • ProtectaPet for its Cat Fencing Solutions
    ProtectaPet has developed a number of solutions for owners who want to let their cats out safely, be it a fence-top barrier or full fence, a freestanding enclosure or a catio (cat patio) or balcony frames. The variety of solutions, components and sizes provide high quality creative fencing for cats and the company is continually adding to its range and seeking the best for cat welfare. International Cat Care recognises the many benefits of providing a safe, enclosed environment for cats (such as safety from road accidents, or predators). While keeping a cat indoors may keep it safe from the dangers of the outdoor world, outdoor access provides stimulation and an increased opportunity for exercise, stimulation and to express natural behaviours.
  • Coastline Global for Kit4Cat Cat Urine Sample Collection Sand
    How do you collect a urine sample from your cat? Most litters are absorbent by design and you will never catch it directly in a pot! Coastline Global from the USA has the solution – a sand which goes in the litter tray and is readily accepted by cats because of its consistency (cats love sand!). This sand is hydrophobic, repelling water so that the cat’s urine actually sits on top of the litter and can be sucked up into a syringe to take to the vet to sample. It is available in 44 countries.
  • Sure Petcare for SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub
    Cat flaps which open triggered by a cat’s microchip are now readily available.  International Cat Care gave Sure Petcare a Cat Friendly Award for its microchip cat flap in 2014 because it allowed controlled entry and exit from home for resident cats while preventing the entry of other cats. Now the company is developing its products further and this flap can be connected to the wifi in the house via a Hub which can report back to your phone letting you know when the cat enters or exits. This allows owners to see the cat’s daily routine and lock the door remotely if they wish. Great for cat loving technology lovers but benefical to cats which may need to be shut in for safety reasons or let out if owners are not present.

This year there was also a new award ‘Innovation in Humane Cat Population Management’ which went to Melvyn Driver of MDC Exports, alongside awards to those individuals with the highest marks on the charity’s distance education courses. Also announced were the winners of iCatCare’s ‘Kittenhood’ Photography Competition. The awards were kindly supported by Agria, Ceva and Royal Canin.

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Liz Rawlings and Craig Sankey from Dechra with their Easy to Give award for Felimazole

From left to right: Edwina Gildea, Peter Dunkley and Laura Jenkins from Zoetis with their two Easy to Give awards for VibraVet Paste and Stronghold Plus

Sharon Woods and Hannah Watts from Bayer with their Easy to Give award for Seresto, presented by Stuart Carmichael (iCatCare Chairman) and Ginette Bryant (iCatCare Business Director)

From left to right: Simon Davies, Eve Davies and Colin Selstron from ProtectaPet with their Cat Friendly Award for Cat Fencing Solutions

From left to right: Arnon Perry, Alon Rosenberg and Yoran Hason from Coastline Global with their Cat Friendly Award for Kit4Cat

Andy Bank, Judith Bank and Clare Fuller with their Cat Friendly Award for SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub, presented by Stuart Carmichael (iCatCare Chairman) and Ginette Bryant (iCatCare Business Director)

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