International Cat Care presents 3 new ‘Easy to Give’ awards and launches ‘Cat Friendly’ Awards

Feline welfare charity International Cat Care, have launched three new 'Easy to Give' awards and a new 'Cat Friendly' category with three distinguished recipients. 

The Easy to Give award was created to reward pharmaceutical companies whose products are easy to administer to cats. Previous examples have included drugs in a highly palatable form, smaller tablets, longer lasting preparations or those with an easier mode of administration.

Easy to Give winners this year are Boehringer Ingelheim for Semintra, MSD Animal Health for Activyl and Alstoe Animal Health for Kesium chewable tablets. These companies will be granted the use of the ‘Easy to Give’ logo on advertising to the veterinary world. These bring the total number of Easy to Give awards presented, since their inception in 2005, to 28.

Semintra is an angiotensin receptor blocker for use in cats suffering from chronic kidney disease. It is an oral solution which is well accepted by most cats.

Activyl is a flea spot-on treatment for cats using a bioactivation process where the product is converted by flea enzymes into an active form which kills the flea.

Kesium Chewable Tablets, which cats find palatable, is used in the treatment of infections caused by bacteria sensitive to amoxicillin in combination with clavulanic acid.

International Cat Care CEO, Claire Bessant, said:

Cats are notoriously difficult to administer treatments to, and for this reason we will continue to celebrate intelligent design and new product development which help to overcome this. This kind of innovation by pharmaceutical companies is essential to feline health. If a drug is too difficult to get into the cat, owners often fail to complete the course, leaving the cat inadequately treated. Healthcare can become part of everyday routine and not the cause of major stress for the cat and owner. 

Easy to Give awards are confined to prescription only medicines (POMs) or methods of delivering POMs. International Cat Care also wanted to recognise other products which have made a real difference to cat wellbeing and welfare – these are the first “Cat Friendly” Awards.

The very first Cat Friendly Award has been presented to Ceva Animal Health for Feliway. By mimicking the cat's natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security. It can be used in different situations to help cats to feel more relaxed and reduce anxiety.  It is used in veterinary practices, rescue situations, in catteries and in the home.  

The second award goes to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for their Hide, Perch and Go box. By watching how cats adapted to the highly stressful rescue environment in their first few days, BCSPCA’s Nadine Gourkow came to realise how important it was for cats to have somewhere to hide. By adapting the design of a simple cardboard box they came up with a product which provided somewhere for the cat to hide, or somewhere high to sit, and which could then be adapted to become the box in which the cat went to its new home. Maintaining the scent security which the cat had within the box reduces stress during transition to a new home. Designed around the cat’s need to hide and feel secure, this product marked the beginning of new thinking in rescue.

The third award goes to Cats Protection for taking the concept of hiding and having a high vantage point a little further in their Feline Fort. It is durable and can be used in different ways in the home, veterinary practice or rescue situation.

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