iCatCare presents ‘Easy to Give’ and ‘Cat Friendly’ Awards 2015

At an awards ceremony at Kensington Roof Gardens in London on September 11, International Cat Care presented four new ‘Easy to Give’ awards and three ‘Cat Friendly’ awards.

The Easy to Give award was created to reward pharmaceutical companies whose products are easy to administer to cats. Previous examples have included drugs in a highly palatable form, smaller tablets, longer lasting preparations or those with an easier mode of administration.

Easy to Give winners this year are Prinovox from Virbac, Loxicom from Norbrook and two awards for products from Ceva Animal Health – for Vectra Felis and for Zodon. These companies will be granted the use of the Easy to Give logo on advertising to the veterinary world. These bring the total number of Easy to Give awards presented, since their inception in 2005, to 35.

Prinovox is a new spot-on ectoparasiticide active against fleas, mites, roundworm and heartworm, effective for 4 weeks.

Loxicom is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory product containing meloxicam given as an oral solution which can be put on food or given directly into the cat’s mouth.

Vectra Felis is a new ectoparasiticide which kills on contact for a month and prevents flea reproduction for three months.

Zodon is the first clindamycin on the market to offer a flavoured oral solution for cats; as a commonly prescribed antibiotic it has only previously been available in tablet form.

International Cat Care CEO, Claire Bessant, said: ‘It is so important that cats receive treatments prescribed for them, whether it is for preventive care or to treat a problem. If a drug is too difficult to get into the cat, owners often fail to complete the course, leaving the cat inadequately treated – as we worry about antibiotic resistance, this is particularly important beyond the individual animal too. Struggling with a cat to medicate can put a tension into the owner/cat relationship at a time when owners feel they want to be more supportive rather than seen as something to fear. This year we asked those trying the products if the act of medication had a negative effect on their relationship with their cat, as many people find that in the struggle to medicate, often the cat becomes fearful or aggressive towards them which owners also find very distressing. This kind of innovation by pharmaceutical companies is essential to feline health.’

Easy to Give awards are confined to prescription only medicines (POMs) or methods of delivering POMs. International Cat Care also wanted to recognise other products which have made a real difference to cat wellbeing and welfare – these are the Cat Friendly Awards.

The Cat Friendly Awards go to the SoftE Smart Collar from MDC, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder from SureFlap and the Cat Carrier Tree from Royal Canin.

The SoftE Smart Collar is comfortable, cleanable and lightweight and allows free movement of the cat’s head as well as reducing banging into furniture, allowing the cat to behave more naturally and be less stressed.

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder opens in response to the cat’s microchip or special collar tag, allowing individual cats to access food or to keep food fresh.

The Cat Carrier Tree allows cat baskets to be placed off the ground in waiting rooms, helping cats to feel less stressed.

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Cat Friendly Award winners from left: Judith Bank, SureFlap; Charlotte Ashton, SureFlap; Claire Bessant, iCatCate Chief Executive; Melvyn Driver, MDC Export; Piers Hampton, SureFlap; Fabienne Dethioux, Royal Canin; Bradley Viner, iCatCare Vice President; Lilian Bourras, Royal Canin.

Easy to Give Award winners from left: Claire Bessant, iCatCare Chief Executive; Alison Henry, Ceva; Bradley Viner, iCatCare Vice President; Nicola Barclay, Ceva; Rachel Crowe, Norbrook; Simon Bolton, Virbac.

All pictures from the iCatCare Annual Awards 2015 can be viewed at: http://icatcare.org/annual-awards-2015

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