Dr Mark Peterson recognised for his outstanding contributions to feline medicine


Every year the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) and Hill’s Pet Nutrition jointly make an award to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to advancing our understanding and management of feline disease.

This year the award was presented to Dr Mark Peterson at the ISFM World Feline Veterinary Congress in Brighton, where Dr Peterson was also the keynote endocrinology speaker.

Dr Peterson is very well known for his clinical work, clinical research and teaching in veterinary endocrinology. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1976 after which he completed an internship and residency at The Animal Medical Center in New York. Mark obtained board certification from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 1981 and was Head of Endocrinologist at the AMC for over 30 years. Mark has also held faculty positions at University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University, where he now serves as adjunct Professor of Medicine. 

For more than 35 years, Dr Peterson has focused most of his research on advancing our understanding of endocrine disorders in dogs and cats. He has a special interest in hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus in cats and was the first veterinarian to document hyperthyroidism in cats (in 1979) and the first to treat hyperthyroid cats with radioiodine (in 1980). Dr Peterson was the first person to document acromegaly, hypoparathyroidism, insulinoma, and Addison's disease in cats.

Dr Peterson has published more than 500 journal articles, book chapters, and research abstracts. With more than 500 lecture presentations to his credit, he is a sought-after international speaker and in 2013 was named the Outstanding Speaker of the Year at the annual New York State Veterinary Conference. 

He has held a number of editorial appointments, including a major textbook of Small Animal Endocrinology, he was the founding member and first President of the Society of Comparative Endocrinology. Mark is a valued member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, and also serves on the Editorial Board of two other international veterinary journals.

In 2001, Dr Peterson founded Hypurrcat in New York, a radioiodine treatment centre for hyperthyroid cats and he now runs two specialty endocrinology clinics in New York, seeing patients at both clinics.

Mark has received several distinguished awards during his career including:

  • The Beecham Award for Research Excellence (1985)
  • The Ralston Purina Small Animal Research Award (1987)
  • The Carnation Award for outstanding contributions to feline medicine (1988)
  • The Merit Award of the Veterinary Medical Association (VMA) of New York City (1989)
  • The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Bougelat Award for outstanding contributions to small animal practice (1993)
  • The Daniels Award for excellence in the advancement of knowledge concerning small animal endocrinology (1991-1997, 1999, and 2001)
  • The Excellence in Feline Research Award, presented by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (1997)
  • The Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Service from the Bide-A-Wee Association for more than a quarter century of dedicated research in endocrine disorders of dogs and cats (2002)
  • The Outstanding Service to Veterinary Medicine Award from the VMA of New York City (2008)
  • The Presidential Service Citation from the VMA of New York City (2011)
  • The Presidential Citation from the New York State Veterinary Medical Society (2011)
  • Veterinarian of the Year – named by the VMA of New York City (2012).

Dr Andy Sparkes, Veterinary Director of International Society of Feline Medicine comments: ‘Very few people can claim to have had anything like the impact that Mark Peterson has had in the field of veterinary science and feline medicine. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to give Mark the ISFM/Hill’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Feline Medicine – there can be no more worthy recipient, and Mark’s numerous contributions to our knowledge of and understanding of feline endocrinology have impacted the health of cats all over the world. It is a thrill and an honour to be able to present him with this award.’




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Dr Mark Peterson receiving the ISFM/Hill’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Feline Medicine (from left: Claire Bessant ISFM Chief Executive, Mark O’Byrne Veterinary Affairs Manager at Hill's Pet Nutrition [Australasia], Mark Peterson, Andy Sparkes ISFM Veterinary Director) 

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Friday, 7 July, 2017