Travel and accommodation

Where do we meet you at the airport?

Lisbon – turn right when you exit the customs hall and keep going to the end of the terminal. There is an official "meeting point" signposted, and please wait here on the seating. If you are arriving at Lisbon by metro or coach stops, entering the terminal by the first door will bring you to here.

Porto – turn right from entrance into arrivals from customs, walk to the end of the terminal, we will be at the Buondi cafe, by the car hire desks.

What is the location of our accommodation?

Two apartments are currently used:

(1) Rua Dr Cristina Torres, Figueira Da Foz, 3080.

This is a four bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment being used for course D13. it has a wifi router, washing machine and kitchen, is 10 minutes walk from the centre, plaza, shops and cafes and 25 mins from the station.

(2) Rua Fernao Maghalaes

This is a three bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms and washing machine and kitchen. If you're staying here, you will be driven to the accommodation. This is 5 mins walk from the beach, shops and cafes, and 10 mins from Lidl, and is the green circle on the map. It is being used for course C13.

What about food?

Portuguese food leans toward stews and grilled meat and fish. Vegetarian options are there, but hard to find.  "Vitela" is veal, and is automatically in any mixed grill meat dish. An evening meal will be 10-15 euros not inculding alcohol. Most restaurants in town offer a Portuguese menu – there are a couple of pizza places and a couple of chinese restaurants. 

In the mall adjacent to the centre is a vegetarian cafe, a chinese, and some grills, sandwich shops, and a McDonalds. Lunch costs about 8 Euros at most. There are three main supermarkets – a Jumbo, in the mall adjacent to the centre: we will arrange for you to do a preliminary shop there by car, and thereafter you will need to pick up things you need as you need them. There is a Lidl and mini-market near the second apartment, and an E.Leclerc

Breakfasts in Portugal are cheap. They include toasted sandwiches (Mista = ham and cheese, Quejo = cheese), pastries, doughnuts, savouries and a milky coffee called a Galao. A breakfast will be around 3 euros.

The apartments will have toilet roll, washing up liquid, some tea, coffee, sugar an milk provided to get you going, everything else is your responsibility.

When do I need to arrive?

The course usually runs for 6-7 days (from a Sunday to the following Saturday) but you need to arrive in good time on the Sturday before the course and need to leave on the Sunday after.

It is not possible (and hugely disruptive and time-consuming) for trainers to attend only part of the course or to try to leave or arrive on the first or second day of the course.

If you think that you might need to stay an extra day or two or arrive a day or two early because of flights, please discuss with us. We can sometimes accommodate this.

What about legalities?

In most cases you are working under the supervision and control of a registered and licenced Portuguese vet, among the delegates, other trainers or the muncipal vet who controls the facility.

You should bring a copy if your initial qualification certificate and also a print out demonstrating your ongoing registration.