About the centre

Across the world, NGOs and muncipalities are working to reduce numbers of unwanted cats and manage populations of street cats by Trap-Neuter-Return. Yet often the process is not carried out safely, effectively, or strategically - and poor success rates can play into the hands of the sceptics and opponents.

At the moment, many programmes offering experience or training in cat population management are not teaching the method in its fullest form. So that's why we exist. At our training centre in Portugal we offer the chance to learn theory, exchange ideas, get to grips with the people issues, and gain experience in practical aspects, in a high-quality, well equipped and comprehensive centre, backed by the world's leading international feline charity – iCatCare, and the world's major feline veterinary assocation – the ISFM. It's free, and targeted at those working on the frontline – so if that's you, why not come and spend some time with us!

Please note the centre is intended for training of vets and volunteers, nominated by animal charities, from countries with poor cat welfare/veterinary infrastructure. We do not offer placements to those not working within an established association.