Cat Population and Management Welfare
Training Centre

About the centre

iCatCare is developing the CPMW Training Centre, based in Portugal, where charity vets and volunteers from countries with developing animal welfare can get high quality, free training in a collaborative way where ideas and techniques are exchanged in classroom, surgery, and workshop environments. 

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Training is provided in surgical neutering of street cats, trapping, handling, and all the people and management issues accompanying - not just the veterinary bit! As part of the project we also contribute significantly to the neutering of street cats in the town where the facility is based and we teach how to achieve a high neuter rate in each site - including the cats that are difficult to catch, rather than just neutering only cats which can be picked up easily. 

Because we believe in high quality training – and we want confident and better skilled delegates at the end of a week, we run a centre with properly sterilised equipment, decent anaesthesia, and quality equipment for trapping and handling, keeping volunteers, delegates, and most importantly cats, secure and safe. This costs us around £600 per delegate trained – but where the effect of their training, when applied by them as they return home, is immense, so we need your support to maintain the running expenses of the course, and also to obtain further equipment and supplies to equip the centre for more courses in future. 

The centre is accessible only to those working with charities or municipalities on animal welfare and cat population programmes, and we are focused on maximising the benefit to street animals' welfare, and the skills of those who are involved directly in their care, to the maximum level we can. As such, all attendees are nominated by an established charity or other authority with whom they work and we don't offer placements for students from western vet schools. 

For now the centre is fully booked until early 2014; we will place details about volunteering as a teacher, and attending as a delegate, onto the website later in 2013. Course A13 in April ran with with delegates from Portugal and Georgia while B13 in June has guests from Portugal, Russia and Lithuania. 

Please donate to support this vital and far-reaching training – we’re committed to focusing donated funds on training and equipping others so that the money goes further...and we believe passionately in cat welfare being something that can be led by professionals and volunteers in their own countries, rather than for countries continuing to rely on importing veterinary resources. 

Many thanks also to all our volunteers who teach on the courses, and to the University Of Nottingham Centre for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine, Change for Animals Foundation, MDC Exports, APAFF and the Camara Muncipal of Figueira Da Foz, the Mayhew Animal Home for helping make this happen. Many thanks for the lovely photos to Cristina Paula Silva, Jorge Monteiro, Harry Eckman, Rachele Follini, and Miranda Luck,

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