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24th April 2020

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Our favourite films

Over the past three weeks we have shared our favourite cat-related fiction books, non-fiction books and children’s books. This week we’re sharing a selection of our favourite cat-related films. Some are more recent, some are classics, but all are enjoyed by us here at iCatCare!

The Aristocats

Without spoiling anything, the fact that the film ends with the establishment of a shelter for unowned cats should make it unsurprising that this features among our favourites.

It’s a classic story of righted wrongs and injustice being overcome with the film following the story of Duchess, a Parisian cat, and her kittens who are stranded in the countryside. They find their way back to the city with the help of a cat called Thomas O’Malley and find plenty of adventures along the way.

Prepare to have ‘Everybody Wants to Be a Cat’ stuck in your head for days after watching.

Streaming on: Disney+

A Street Cat Named Bob

Originally a book of the same name by James Bowden, A Street Cat Named Bob follows James’ struggles living on the streets of London, and how he turned his life around thanks to a ginger cat called Bob. It’s a true story, and the cat playing Bob in the film is the same Bob that inspired the book.

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

A Cat in Paris

Another animated film that features Paris as its principal setting. This one tells the story of Zoe, a little girl, who is led by her cat Dino to uncover a mystery during a single night.

Unbeknownst to Zoe, Dino lives a double life with dual identities, for at night he accompanies a burglar who calls him ‘Mr. Cat’.

One night, Zoe follows Dino and gets into trouble with a gang of criminals and it’s up to Dino, the burglar and her mother to rescue her.

It’s a beautiful film with a unique style of animation and a wonderful story.

 Streaming on: Hoopla 


Kedi means ‘cat’ in Turkish, a word well used in Istanbul where hundreds of thousands call the city their home. Some are totally self-sufficient and some are cared for by people. This documentary film follows the lives of seven in particular that live in the city.

As well as telling the story of the seven cats, Sari, Duman, Bengü, Aslan Parçası, Gamsız, Psikopat, and Deniz, the film also features many interviews with the people that interact with them.

This is a fantastic documentary, infinitely interesting and charming.

Streaming on: Youtube Premium

The Three Lives of Thomasina

An unusual story about an unusual cat. This is the tale of a little girl and her love for her cat, which affects the lives of her stern father and a ‘witch’. It’s a film filled with magic that’s now a classic.

It was adapted from the novel ‘Thomasina, The Cat Who Thought She Was God’ by Paul Gallico, who was the very first president of International Cat Care.

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