World Arthritis Day 2017

Today marks World Arthritis Day.

As an aging human population, health issues such as arthritis are on the rise. We also recognize joint pain in our canine patients and pets. However, arthritis in cats, up until recently, has been underdiagnosed by vets and underestimated by owners. This is partly because of the cat’s different lifestyle, but also because cats show signs of joint pain in different ways to other species. Cats prefer to hide signs of pain, as a survival instinct, and are rarely lame.

Alarmingly, studies have shown that up to 90% of cats over 12 years of age have evidence of joint disease on radiographs. Given this evidence, we must be more vigilant, and look for this often unrecognized, but painful condition in our older cats.

To help raise awareness we’ve made the notes from Sam Taylor and Linda Ryan's Cat Weekend talk ‘From hospital to home – managing and supporting a cat with arthritis’ freely available – just click here.

For more information on arthritis and degenerative joint disease in cats, including information on the causes, signs, diagnosis and management of arthritis in cats visit:

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