TNR Programs on the agenda of the European Feline Conference

This year the sixth gathering of Plataforma Gatera European Feline Conference in Barcelona focused on the ethical management of cat colonies: a review of the TNR programmes of eight Spanish cities to address the fast moving movement toward a humane management of the un-owned cat population in Spain, including lessons learnt and best practices.

The conference, organized by Plataforma Gatera with the collaboration of the Barcelona city council, brought together 250 people from a wide array of Spanish cities, including representatives of animal protection organisations, veterinarians, and shelter workers. Round-table participants were representatives of public administrations, from the Council of State to municipal councillors and public officers.

The eight politicians and public officers participating in two round table discussions agreed on the fact that political change had been the trigger for moving towards a humane management of urban cats in their municipalities and that the collaboration between volunteers and city councils is essential for TNR programs to be successful. The day ended with the new presentation video of the Feline Manifesto, a ten points road-map to improve feline welfare which was first presented at the congress of deputies in Madrid in April 2015.

Videos of the presentations will be available soon on the Plataforma Gatera, in the meantime more information is available here. 

Harry Eckman and Agnès Dufau

Harry Eckman from the Change for Animals Foundation, and International Cat Care’s 4th Cat Welfare Award Winner (2016) with Agnès Dufau, International Cat Care’s 1st Cat Welfare Award Winner (2013) and organiser of the Barcelona Conference

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