International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats receives international support

At the start of this year we launched our International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats. This document provides a clear framework to help everyone work together to protect cats all over the world.
The Declaration is a truly international document. It has been translated into 7 languages (French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish), with more translations in preparation. Currently the Declaration has over 24,000 signatures from people in 114 countries.

University of Bristol Feline Elective prize giving

Nine final year veterinary students are celebrating after completing the University of Bristol’s four-week Feline Elective Course, which took place at Langford Vets’ Feline Centre. The students all spent time in the Feline Centre where they attended a variety of seminars with guest speakers and produced a case report on an interesting feline patient they had seen. The students also visited a large Cats Protection shelter to learn first-hand about shelter medicine. It was a great experience for both students and clinicians.

Cat fans help cat family

There was an unexpected feline drama at Vets4Pets Goldenhill clinic on Saturday 12th May. A cat themed party to celebrate International Cat Care's 60th anniversary was just about to start at 2pm when a group of children arrived at the clinic with an open tray containing 3 tiny kittens. Despite wearing a cocktail dress, the party's co-organiser, Eve Davies (from local company ProtectaPet) climbed through a nearby hedge to retrieve the kittens' mother. The Vets4Pets team then stepped in, carried out health checks and temporarily housed the little family in their isolation ward where they could be kept safe and quiet until a plan was made to rehome them.

'The Complete Cat' – artist biographies part 1

Here at iCatCare we are very excited about the upcoming art exhibition ‘The Complete Cat’, held in collaboration with the Society of Feline Artists (SOFA).
The exhibition will be held 23rd November – 8th December 2018 in the beautiful Rook Lane gallery in Frome, Somerset.
SOFA is a federation of talented professional artists working in a wide range of media and styles but united by their interest in the feline form.

Declaration gathers pace

Early this year International Cat Care developed the ‘International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats’. This is a document that provides a framework for an all-inclusive approach to improving feline welfare, to enable all those responsible for cats to work together in a coordinated, cohesive and collaborative way. It also outlines best practice for protecting and improving the welfare of all cats, be they owned or unowned, ferals or pets. 

International Cat Care wins award


There are very few organisations that you can say that have really changed the welfare of one particular species, and this organisation is certainly one of those.


Those were the words of vet Chris Laurence, chief judge of the annual Ceva Animal Welfare Awards, as he revealed that International Cat Care was to be awarded the Special Recognition Award 2018.

Welfare award winner 2018

Every year, as part of the Ceva Welfare Awards, International Cat Care recognises outstanding contributions to feline welfare with the International Cat Care Welfare Award. This award recognises individuals who are working on all levels, from hands-on welfare to collaborative work with governments and non-governmental organisations, to try to bring a cohesive approach to cat welfare. This year, the iCatCare’s award went to Maria Pinto Teixeira, founder and CEO of the animal welfare organisation Animais de Rua, in Portugal. 

iCatCare joins the APGOCATS

MPs and peers in the UK have joined forces with animal welfare organisations, including International Cat Care, to campaign for feline welfare. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Cats (APGOCATS), which launched in March, will lobby for law changes to improve protection for cats and their owners.

Leave out lilies this Valentine's Day if your loved one has a cat

Whether you’ve been with your partner for decades or you’ve only just started dating, finding the perfect Valentine’s gift can be difficult, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching you may be tempted to go for the ‘safe’ option of flowers.

Present your loved one with a beautiful bouquet and they’re sure to be impressed, right? Not if they own a cat and you’ve chosen lilies…

This Valentine’s Day leave out lilies if your loved one has a cat.