New York: first state to ban cat declawing once bill signed

Feline charity International Cat Care (iCatCare) and its veterinary division the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) welcome the news that New York might become the first US state to ban cat declawing.

iCatCare and ISFM consider the declawing of cats for anything other than genuine therapeutic medical reasons to be an act of mutilation and to be unethical. Although already illegal in many countries, this procedure is still a surprisingly common practice in some and so in 2017, following the publication of new research to show that declawing increases the risk of long-term or persistent pain in cats, the charity and its veterinary division called for a worldwide ban on cat declawing.

News that lawmakers in New York have voted to make the procedure illegal, except where it is medically necessary for the cat has been extremely well-received, with New York on track to become the first US state to ban the procedure. The governor, Andrew Cuomo, needs to review and sign the bill before it becomes law.

Individual cities in the US such as San Francisco, Denver and Los Angeles have already banned cat declawing and several states including California are considering bans – bringing the promise that others in the US will follow suit.

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