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Developing Cattitude: a feline-friendly approach to cats and their owners

The Big Chat at BVNA Congress last year was all about cats and generated 473 responses from delegates, with 88 per cent saying they would like to “attend a course to understand cat behaviour and recommended handling techniques.” 

Not being ones to rest on their laurels, Onswitch, the company behind the Big Chat, took up the challenge of developing a Good Cattitude course, in conjunction with the ISFM and Martha Cannon of the Oxford Cat Clinic, which was launched in 2015.

The course was so popular that new dates have been added (see below). The content covers what delegates asked for and more, with the day-long event featuring specially commissioned video research with cat owners, alongside a mix of clinical and non-clinical content designed to help every member of the practice team deliver excellent care to cats and their owners.

For those with business in mind, the Big Chat research showed, on average, cats present to veterinary practices half as frequently as dogs. Quite simply, cat owners hate going to the vet! And yet, by implementing simple changes, such as separating the cat and dog waiting areas and providing elevated shelving for cat carriers, practices start to win over cat-owning clients.

But it doesn’t end there; practices are encouraged to have a staff-wide protocol for addressing, handling and treating cats in a feline-friendly way, which ensures every cat owners receives a consistent experience that shouts “Good Cattitude”!

And neither does the course content end there – every Good Cattitude attendee will be sent a link to access the modules on Onswitch’s Cx Club website for one week after the course. This will enable the whole practice team to benefit from the course content, as well as cats and their owners.

The following Developing Cattitude dates have been added:

  • Stirling - Weds 16th March
  • Brighton - Weds 11th May
  • Northampton - Weds 8th June
  • Preston - Weds 13th July
  • St Albans - Weds 14th Sept
  • Swindon - Tues 8th Nov

As one course delegate said: “Great CPD. Having small group sessions is really beneficial. Makes for some interesting discussions and helped me with problem solving and thinking out of the box."

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