Microchipping and social media help lucky owner find her cat after over a year

After going missing over a year ago, a cat has been reunited with her owner thanks to the power of microchipping and social media.

 Cat being stroked

Owner Jessica brought her cat Cookie over to the UK from their home in Sweden in 2015, and in Summer 2016 Cookie sadly went missing. Unfortunately, Jessica did not update Cookie’s microchip details to reflect her new home in the UK. Therefore, when Cookie was handed in as a stray to an RSPCA branch, staff were unable to trace her owner.

Thankfully, staff shared a picture and details of Cookie on Facebook and Twitter, these were shared far and wide, with the Swedish embassy even offering to help! It was on Facebook that Jessica finally managed to find Cookie, after almost giving up hope. 

If Jessica had updated Cookie’s microchip details, the pair could have been reunited much sooner. This highlights the importance of making sure you update your cat’s microchip every time you move by contacting whichever database the chip is registered to, as well as getting your cat microchipped in the first place.

For more information on the importance of microchipping, visit: www.icatcare.org/cat-campaigns/importance-microchipping

For advice on what to do if you have lost your cat, go to: www.icatcare.org/advice/general-care/keeping-your-cat-safe/lost-your-cat

For the full story see: www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/news/stray-cat-reunited-with-owner-after-being-missing-for-a-year-1-8785672

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