Lucky escape for moggie

A tabby cat has had a miraculous escape after becoming stuck in a car grille for up to two days whilst the unaware owner of the car drove the vehicle on an 80-mile trip to the seaside.
The male cat, who has now been nicknamed Ford by RSPCA staff, was trapped in the air vent of a silver Ford Focus, possibly for two days, whilst the motorist was on holiday at the seaside.
The adult male tabby isn’t microchipped so the branch hasn’t been able to reunite him with his owner yet. If no one comes forward for him then he will eventually be rehomed. RSPCA Inspector Lucy Brennan added: “Despite our best efforts to find an owner, the most reliable way to identify a cat is to have him or her microchipped.”
Figures show that out of the 5,647 cats who came into the 17 national RSPCA centres in England and Wales between January and December 2017, there were 4,896 cats who were not chipped. 
This means only 13% of cats were microchipped and many of these did not have up-to-date details recorded. 
We continually campaign to raise awareness on the importance of microchipping, to ensure that pet cats can be safely reunited with their owners if they go missing.
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