Importance of neutering

This Mother’s Day we are raising awareness of the importance of neutering.

Neutering cats is common in some countries (for example in the UK where 90% of cats are neutered) but almost non-existent in others. We all know how successfully cats breed and how easy it is to suddenly be presented with a litter of kittens from a cat seemingly too young to reproduce!

Where this happens, commonly there are large numbers of unwanted cats and the consequential suffering which follows. But there are many reasons to neuter cats aside from population management.

We recommend that cats are neutered at around 4 months of age (cats usually reach puberty between 4 and 6 months old) to prevent unwanted pregnancies, manage populations and to help reduce unwanted behaviours such as calling, spaying and fighting.

For more information on why we recommend neutering, the timing of neutering, postoperative care and more please click here.

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