iCatCare welcomes proposal to ban the breeding of 'designer' pets in Scotland

Scottish Fold

International Cat Care welcomes the news that breeding ‘designer’ pets, including the Scottish Fold, is to be effectively banned in Scotland, amid concerns about the suffering of such animals due to their genetic defects.

Reported in The Times, the proposed legislation will not ban any particular breed, but instead target specific strains of certain breeds. There will be a new licensing regime, where anyone wanting to breed dogs, cats or rabbits will need a licence and will be inspected to make sure they adhere to best practice. Anyone wishing to breed animals with known genetic problems that could lead to health issues later in life will not be issued with a licence.

Scotland’s rural affairs minister Mairi Gougeon said, “The Scottish government believes that irresponsible breeders should be more accountable for their actions, so we will be looking to deter these practices through new licensing conditions, whilst encouraging responsible breeders to continue to follow good breeding practices. We will also be raising public awareness of the problems that irresponsible breeding can create. Ultimately, we want a modern licensing system in Scotland to improve conditions for these animals.”

International Cat Care works hard to raise awareness on the suffering certain breeds are inflicted with because of the way they have been bred to look (https://icatcare.org/news/icatcare-and-bva-unite-urge-cat-lovers-avoid-breeds-designed-have-extreme-or-unusual-features). We welcome this move by the Scottish government and hope that the proposed changes come into effect.

We urge all those concerned about animal suffering to take a stand for feline welfare by choosing not to buy breeds such as the Scottish Fold and extremely flat-faced cats such as the Persian and Exotic Shorthair, and by being vocal about the suffering these cats experience.

For the full story see: www.thetimes.co.uk/article/inhumane-designer-pet-breeding-to-be-outlawed-m3pvfc09w.

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